From the beans picked during harvesting season

to the sewing and silkscreening of our calico cloth bags,

all our products are handmade on the farm.

100 % Pure Arabica Coffee

Our coffee is available in four different roasts;


Medium Roast: Our lightest roast for those who don’t like their coffee very strong. Much like a ‘breakfast coffee’.
Dark Roast: Our strongest, most full-bodied roast.
Select Roast: Our most popular roast, a special blend of both Medium and Dark.
Espresso: Especially roasted and ground for the Espresso machine.
All roasts available in full bean.

We have two ranges – “Assagay Coffee” our local range and “Zulu Brew” more for the tourist and international market.

Mail Order purchases available.  For prices and further details please contact us

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